Lava Boost: A cost effective e-commerce provider delivering targeted online customers to your business worldwide "A cost effective e-commerce provider delivering targeted online customers to your business worldwide"
Tired of paying hundreds, thousands, or just too much for traditional forms of advertising?

Advertising does not have to cost a fortune to be effective and give you amazing results. We have broken down each cost metric to show you how you can choose one that suits your own goals. With a minimum deposit, you can immediately start your online advertising today and take your business to the next level.


Did you know the online platform is the fastest and most effective marketing medium to reach a wide group of potential customers? With four different cost metrics to choose from, we make the paying structure flexible for you because we know that each business has unique goals and budgets in mind.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

What is it? Cost per click (CPC) advertising is a very popular strategy where the ads with the highest bids are placed onto a content related website. With CPC advertising, you only pay for the amount of people who actually click on the advertisement.


What does that mean? You only pay for the consumers interested in your products who are potential customers that want your product.


End result? You have a higher conversion rate since your potential customers only click on your ad if they are interested.


Cost Per 1,000 Impression (CPM)

What is it? If your goal is branding to a wide audience, CPM is a good cost metric in terms of how many aggregate consumers you may have reached. The advertiser pays a set fee per 1,000 impressions, rather than a fee each time someone clicks on the online ads.


What Does This Mean? Think of it like a billboard advertisement, except that instead of being shown on the side of the road or on moving buses, it is shown on popular websites related to your ad that thousands of visitors view each day.


End Result? Thousands of visitors for only a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Compared to traditional advertising such as billboards, bus ads, or even newspaper ads, it is much more cost effective, while giving a much wider exposure to targeted consumers.


Cost Per Interstitial (CPI)

What is it? CPI advertising is a way of placing a full page ad between the current and destination page. CPI advertising is a great way to reach your audiences and expose them to your offer before they continue on their way through a website. If you are trying to promote a one time or free offer, you should consider CPI advertising.


What Does This Mean? People that are browsing through popular sites relevant to your ad will be exposed to a full 5 seconds of your offer before they continue browsing. It is like getting your flyers handed out in a public place such as a mall about your promos and offers, except it is all online.


End Result? Compared to flyers, you can see how this is much more cost effective. Not only is an interstitial ad more economical, it basically guarantees that your offer gets exposed to every visitor who browses the site. You save money and gain a much wider exposure as a result.


Cost Per View (CPV)

What is it? Cost per view advertising essentially displays the full page advertisement in a pop under window. The advertisement can be triggered by specific categories with our Lava Boost matching engine. If your goal is for the visitor to reach the sale page directly without clicking any banner, CPV is a good metric for you


What Does This Mean? Your sale page is the web page that you want to get your customers to take the action of buying your product or service. With your sales page showing up on popular sites relevant to your ad, it is basically you giving your sales pitch to thousands of people who would interested in a short amount of time.


End Result? Sales pitching to thousands of people in a short amount of time? Compared to door-to-door or even telemarketing, you are looking at contacting more people at a much lower cost in a shorter amount of time.




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